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beyondwork 2020: BMBF organizes European labour research conference

What does the change in work mean for people? How can companies prepare their employees for this change in the best way? And how do the European countries react to the change process? On 21 and 22 October 2020, representatives of European politics, research, business and social partners will meet at the World Conference Center in Bonn and online to discuss current results, exchange ideas, to network and to learn from each other. The Social Research Centre will be represented with three new projects.


At the conference, about 80 BMBF projects will be presented in the online forum in various formats. The spectrum ranges from projects still in the early stages of development to projects with almost finished results, demonstrators and exhibits. Participants can inform themselves about the framework and conditions of the new working environments. They get to know national and international perspectives for shaping the work of tomorrow and identify European research needs.

The contents of the conference are organized in seven thematic areas:

The TU Dortmund/Sozialforschungsstelle is represented with three new projects: