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An innovative and healthy way (back) into working life: project "GUIDE - promoting health for permanent employment" is launched

GUIDE supports people with health restrictions who are threatened by permanent exclusion from working life. With the scientific monitoring of the Technical University of Dortmund/ Sozialforschungsstelle (sfs), long-term unemployed people will be fostered to maintain or restore their ability to work through a mixture of intensive coaching and meaningful work experiences.


Often, people with health restrictions cannot be integrated into the labour market with classic methods and routines. Mental health problems in particular require approaches beyond the traditional qualification and placement routines of the responsible institutions. A cooperation between Jobcenter Kreis Unna, Werkstatt im Kreis Unna and sfs is addressing this problem within the funding program “Innovative Ways to Participate in Working Life – rehapro” (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs).

Through health coaching and the possibility to participate in a “work testing environment” where assignments (sectors: construction, horticulture and catering) will be processed with professional therapeutic and socio-pedagogical support, GUIDE aims to help people with lasting health restrictions

  • to maintain or restore ability to work,
  • to counteract an impending or existing (partial) reduction in earning capacity,
  • to prevent a chronic disease or permanent disability,
  • to improve social and occupational participation.

The Research Unit 4 "Labour Policy and Health" of sfs is responsible for the evaluation and scientific monitoring of the project "GUIDE - Supporting Health in Permanent Employment".

Within the framework of the evaluation, the entire course of the project (formative and summative evaluation) as well as the achieved project goals are assessed by means of a combination of quantitative (including panel survey) and qualitative (including semi-structured interviews and quality circles) methods. The scientific monitoring, active public relations work and networking activities of sfs are intended to support the project partners in the further development and implementation of the measures. The results will be transferred into practice and scientific discourse.

The innovative approach will be implemented in the regular instruments of the Jobcenter Kreis Unna and transferred to other job centers after the project is completed. In addition, the foundation of an "Alliance for Health" at the city and municipal level aims to create a platform for sustainable exchange between the actors involved.