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High-tech forum discusses the role of social innovations for the mobility sector

On July 8, J├╝rgen Howaldt participated in the stakeholder-workshop "Social Innovation in the Field of Mobility" of the Hightech-Forum at the Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin. Together with experts from business, science, civil society and politics, the potential of social innovation in the field of mobility was explored and the specific requirements for the promotion of social innovation discussed.


Jürgen Howald refered to the diverse experiences in an international context ("Atlas of Social Innovation") as well as to the results of the conference "Innovations for the Society" ("Innovationen für die Gesellschaft" | PDF | German),

The discussions of the workshop will flow into a position paper with recommended actions, which will be discussed at the next meeting of the forum. After this discussion the position paper should be published.

The discussion in the forum is based on the definition of social innovations as "new social practices and organizational models that aim to find stable and sustainable solutions to the challenges of our society."