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Social Innovation Community (SIC) publishes yearbook

With the project “Social Innovation Community” (SIC) coming to an end, a yearbook was published at the beginning of March. The publication summarises the project and its findings in the context of social Innovation.


The three-year project “Social Innovation Community” (SIC) that officially ended this January, was part of the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union and united 12 partner organisations across Europe. The overarching aim of the SIC-project was to create a ‘network of networks’ of social innovation actors, in which multiple actors, including researchers, social innovators, citizens, policy-makers, as well as intermediaries, businesses, civil society organisations and public sector employees, were brought together. Dmitri Domanski and Christoph Kaletka represented the TU Dortmund University / Social Research Centre (sfs).

SIC aimed to deepen and strengthen existing networks, forge new connections between networks, and create new links to actors and networks which hitherto have not been included in the field of social innovation. The aims were to generate new social innovations, develop and scale up successful ideas to share and spread knowledge more effectively in order to improve research, practice and policymaking. By creating enabling environment for social innovation, the project improved the overall framework conditions for social innovation in Europe.

The recently published “Yearbook” summarises the project and its results. Its course and impact on the social innovation ecosystem in Europe take centre stage.

At the beginning of the yearbook, the background of the project and the project itself, including its objectives, motivation and network approach, are presented.

Further on, the four SIC activities (research, experimentation, learning and policy) as well as the achievements and the impact of the project on the social innovation ecosystem in Europe are discussed.

In the last part of the publication, the project partners describe their impressions of the Social Innovation Community and give an outlook on what the community has planned beyond the end of the project.

For more information about the Social Innovation Community, check out the official homepage of the project here.

The „Yearbook“ of the Social Innovation Community is available here (PDF).

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