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TU Dortmund University at the symposium “Connecting Innovations with Social Issues” in Japan

Dmitri Domanski was invited to Okayama University in Japan to talk about social innovation research in Europe and to share the key findings of the SI-DRIVE project. Altogether, researchers from the areas of social and economic sciences, engineering and natural sciences contributed to the symposium.

Connecting Innovations with Social Issues Okayama

Under the theme “Connecting Innovation with Social Issues” the 10th International Symposium for “Future Technology Creating Better Human Health and Society” took place at Okayama University on January 16th. It was organised by Prof. Masaharu Seno (Dean of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems) and Ken Aoo (Vice Executive Director of Okayama University), among others. Presentations from Asia, Europe and the US crossing over various fields related to current social issues took centre stage at the symposium, while the invited experts reflected on the potential of technological and social innovations to solve societal problems.

Dmitri Domanski, researcher at the Social Research Centre of TU Dortmund University, presented the main results of the project SI-DRIVE: Social Innovation – Driving Force of Social Change. In addition, he gave insights into the current situation of social innovation in Germany and talked about the concept of regional social innovation ecosystems.

Furthermore, Dmitri Domanski visited Kyoto where he met colleagues from Doshisha University who are teaching at the Social Innovation Study Course for Master and PhD students. Finally, he participated as a speaker in a social innovation workshop organised by the Social Innovation Laboratory Kyoto (SILK).