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Official kick-off of Athene 4.0

The official starting signal was given for the research project "Athene 4.0: Person-centred digitisation to secure the future of crafts", which was launched in August with a first meeting of the project committee and the official kick-off of all project partners with the promoter. The project will develop a service platform for craft businesses, which will be accompanied by a digital coach and a work organisation concept, in order to digitise communication with customers and other trades as well as internal work processes.


"Athene 4.0" is an incorporation of Fraunhofer IML, sfs, a software company and three small craft businesses with very different levels of digitisation and is funded by BMBF. A meeting of all project partners with a representative of the project management agency Karlsruhe - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology took place at storing place of one of the participating crafts. Progress of the research project, which had already been running since August, was discussed and further development of the project was planned for the next few months. A digital service platform will be developed which will help to digitise workflows in crafts business. Most of the workflows are still analogue - from order acceptance to invoicing. In addition, the platform should enable communication between crafts business and customers as well as between different crafts. Members of sfs will help to design this process in an easy learnable way and help to integrate it into work processes avoiding new burdens for employees.

The project and the current status of the project were presented to numerous chambers of crafts and trade associations in the project-accompanying committee. This advisory committee will help to secure transfer possibilities for the service platform and learning concepts.

Kerstin Guhlemann and Katja Pohlheim, sfs employees, are currently carrying out analyses of the job situation in craft businesses, which serve to analyse the current state of digitisation and need for digitisation.