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"Beyond Imagination: a socially innovative Europe": Presentation of the Lisbon Declaration at Social Innovation Community’s Final Event

After three years of works, the international project Social Innovation Community (SIC) discussed its results with participants from all over Europe. While the project is finishing, the final event was the perfect scene for presenting the Lisbon Declaration to the broader public, hence opening a new chapter of social innovation in Europe.

The event took place in Seville, Spain from 12th until 13th of November 2018. The project partners presented the results of their nearly three-year work and discussed the future of social innovation with participants from civil society, politics, academia and business. They took part in thematic workshops and lectures and visited local organizations to learn more about social innovation in Seville. The team of TU Dortmund University’s Social Research Center (sfs), project partner in SIC, offered several workshops during the event.

Furthermore, the Lisbon Declaration published a few weeks ago was presented to the public. The Declaration contains ten concrete policy recommendations aimed at making social innovation a cross-cutting priority in all European funding programmes. At the event, the participants discussed how the goals of the Declaration can be achieved.

Just a few days before the event in Seville, Carlos Moedas (European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation) spoke at the Web Summit Tech conference in Lisbon on the objectives of the Lisbon Declaration and explicitly supported them: ‘In the European Union, we are going to put more money into social innovation, not because it’s trendy, but because we believe that the future of innovation is about social innovation’. He acknowledged the efforts of the Social Innovation Community on the #SIDeclaration: ‘Their efforts help policymakers and the European Commission to create a new path to a fairer, more inclusive Europe’.

You can read the Lisbon Declaration here. Fore more information about the final event of SIC please use this link.

In Europe, social innovation has become increasingly important in recent years. Its role in solving a variety of societal problems is now recognised across all sectors of society. Against this background, research on social innovation has also made notable progress. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt and his team at TU Dortmund University’s Social Research Center (sfs) have made important contributions to the further development of the topic of social innovation. sfs has participated in key projects on social innovation like “Social Innovation – Driving Force of Social Change(SI-DRIVE).

In the Social Innovation Community project (SIC), Christoph Kaletka und Dmitri Domanski have coordinated the research activities and contributed to the development of the Lisbon Declaration. In addition, the Social Research Center has played a key role in the creation of the European School of Social Innovation (ESSI), a network of scientific institutions and individuals involved in social innovation research and education.