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SIKE – Social Innovation through Knowledge Exchange: Consortium meeting at Glasgow Caledonian University

The consortium meeting in July 2018 marked the second SIKE function after the kick-off event in February. Sabrina Janz from TU Dortmund University – sfs joined the meeting, which took place at Glasgow Caledonian University, to present first project results.


Exchange and interaction between the SIKE project partners stood in the foreground of the three-day event. Besides that, participants were able to attend a combined workshop with the Erasmus+ project “Strategy For Change”. In the course of the last meeting day, the organization “Melting Pot” (TMP) invited the project partners to explore different social innovation initiatives of the region.

The Erasmus+ project “SIKE – Social Innovation through Knowledge Exchange” aims at demonstrating the potential of universities to use their knowledge in order to affect social change in a direct and meaningful way. Coordinated by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), partners from five European regions cooperate to develop new paradigms for knowledge exchange in order to embrace social innovation and encourage social entrepreneurship. Thereby leading socially innovative universities team up with experienced social innovation drivers to create an ecosystem that nurtures and supports sustainable, resilient and responsible innovation.

Within the scope of SIKE, TU Dortmund University – sfs is working closely with the Social Impact Lab (DSIL) located in Duisburg. DSIL is an organization that fosters social entrepreneurship and supports startup companies by using different measures, such as workshops and mentoring. Together, sfs and DSIL aim at strengthening the meaning of higher education institutions in the context of a regional social innovation ecosystem, while supporting the development of innovative projects through knowledge exchange.