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Eu-SPRI Early Career Research Conference: sfs-researchers provide insights into new practices for societal challenges

What does innovation for and with society mean? How can sustainable innovations be identified and supported? Over 40 PhD candidates from all over Europe used the Eu-SPRI-conference in Valencia to share and discuss their research focussing on these and similar questions. sfs-researcher Katharina Schrot presented insights to the process of “Roadmapping”, a method used to structure participation processes, while Marthe Zirngiebl discussed the first sketches of a typology of social innovation.


The 3-day conference „Eu-SPRI Early Career Research Conference (ECC) 'Science, Technology and Innovation: New challenges and practices'” (3rd- 5th May, 2018), organized by INGENIO, a joint research institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Polytechnical University of Valencia, provided PhD students and junior researchers with the opportunity to improve and refine their research proposals as well as presentation skills. Thereby, the thematic focus was closely connected to the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020), placing societal challenges and visions of a sustainable future in the centre of discussion.

This broad focus invited contributions from a variety of disciplines such as economics, sociology, political science, management and geography. Besides the presentation and discussion of their own research projects, participants could profit from a range of workshops dealing with the dissemination of scientific results. While editors of journals provided helpful recommendations for publishing articles, other sessions discussed the advantages and disadvantages of different online platforms or aimed to raise awareness for responsible research and innovation (RRI).