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Transformative Social Innovation: Julia Wittmayer and Bonno Pel present TRANSIT results at the sfs

February 2nd 2018, Julia Wittmayer (DRIFT, Rotterdam) and Bonno Pel (Université Libre de Bruyelles) visited the sfs in Dortmund. Their presentation was part of an exchange of theoretical findings between international research projects on social innovation. Wittmayer and Pel presented and discussed the “relational framework” and the 12 derived propositions, as developed in the TRANSIT project.

The TRANSIT project summarized the key theoretical findings of its research activities in a very dense working paper. The presentation by Wittmayer and Pel presented, building upon the working paper, the “TSI relational framework” and explained the theoretical framework by falling back on the interesting cases studied within the project. The discussion on the TRANSIT-theory complemented the pleasant and regular exchanges between the by now finalized projects SI-Drive and TRANSIT and allowed both side the opportunity to intensify the engage in-depth with the findings of the both projects. From the different approaches, interesting synergies could be distilled and fruitful ideas for new research emerged.

The working paper “Towards a TSI theory: A relational framework and 12 propositions” is available here.

Further information about TRANIST can be found here; further information about SI-DRIVE can be found here.