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Interactive Map with more than 1.000 cases of Social Innovation is now online!

Social Innovation is a global phenomenon. The global mapping of the SI-DRIVE project proves that social innovations can be found all around the globe. More than 1.000 mapped initiatives establish new social practices to tackle challenges within the policy fields of Education and Lifelong Learning, Employment, Environment and Climate Change, Transport and Mobility, Energy, Health and Social Care, as well as Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development. Based on the mapping a new interactive map has been created presenting over 1.000 cases.

The website of the Atlas of Social Innovation invites its users to explore the world of Social Innovation. Cases can be filtered according to their country of origin, policy field, sectors involved, geographical scope and practice field allowing to tailor the selection of cases according to a user’s needs. In addition, a timeline presents the spread of Social Innovation over a course of 200 years, beginning in 1800 and finishing today. Any initiative not covered by the mapping so far can be proposed to be added turning the map into a living document.

You can get to the interactive map here.