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New publication: “The Plastics Revolution: How the Netherlands became a global player in plastics”

On November 8th, the book “The Plastics Revolution: How the Netherlands became a global player in plastics” was officially presented at the annual meeting of the DPI – The Polymer Research Platform, on the occasion of DPI’s 20th anniversary. The book is co-authored by Harry Lintsen (professor emeritus of Eindhoven University of Technology), Marijn Hollestelle (Foundation for the History of Technology) and Rick Hölsgens (TU Dortmund – Social Research Center).

From the cover: “The Plastics Revolution: How the Netherlands Became a Global Player in Plastics presents the fascinating story of the invention and development of plastics. It shows how the efforts of academia and industry resulted in an entirely new category of materials that have played a crucial role in shaping modern life. Besides highlighting the benefits that plastics have brought to the world, the book also directs our attention to the challenges that these same materials pose to society and the natural environment today.”

The book presentation was accompanied by a presentation of author Harry Lintsen titled “Towards the Second Plastics Revolution – What can we learn from the First Revolution?” and by a presentation of Johan Schot (University of Sussex), who spoke about “The world in deep transition – Implications for the plastic industry.”

The printed version (in English) can be ordered here. Digital editions (in English and in Dutch) will be available soon. First insights into the book are possible via this PDF.