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A push for social inclusion! EU-projekt JobAct Europe has started

Under the shared goal of strengthening the labor market position of disadvantaged groups – partners from Italy, France, Hungary and Germany came together in the EU-project JobAct Europe. Scientifically supported by sfs, refugees, NEETs and unemployed youths are accompanied on their way into the labor market through a combination of drama work and job training. The Erasmus+-funded project started with a kick-off-workshop at the coordinator, the Projektfabrik Witten from October 8 – October 10 2017.

That job integration could be done through acting seemed unthinkable twelve years ago, when the JobAct approach was developed by Sandra Schürmann, who was awarded with the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon by the Federal Republic of Germany for this remarkable idea. Today the combination of theatre and social work is so successful, that a transmission into other European partner countries is pending. To make sure this can be done successfully regarding the different frame conditions and target group specifics, a tool set for practitioners will be developed by the sfs in the EU-project JobAct Europe.

In at least eight theatre projects with people in need the approach will be tested already during the project period – more are about to follow. For more details about the project please visit this website.