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Dmitri Domanski awarded the Josef Hochgerner Fellowship 2017

Dmitri Domanski, researcher from TU Dortmund University, convinced the jury with his research proposal on "Developing the Social Innovation Ecosystem of the Vienna Region". Through the annually awarded fellowship, the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna (ZSI) seeks to facilitate the discourse on social innovation.

On 6th of June 2017, the Managing Director of ZSI, Wolfgang Michalek congratulated this year’s awardee Dmitri Domanski, researcher at the Social Research Centre of TU Dortmund University, on his successful application. The fellowship was awarded in Vienna at the Centre for Social Innovation, with Prof. Dr. Josef Hochgerner and head of the section Work and Equal Opportunities, Dr. Ursula Holtgrewe both attending the ceremony. Dmitri Domanski’s research proposal on “Developing the Social Innovation Ecosystem of the Vienna Region” alludes to central fields of interest of ZSI, but is also highly relevant for the City of Vienna. The chosen methodological approach is very well embedded in the international debate on social innovation.

The goal of the annually awarded fellowship, named after the founder and longtime scientific director of ZSI, is to support the discourse on social innovation. It aims at stimulating critical reflections on how social innovations can be introduced into society. The application for the year 2018 is open until 31st of December 2017. For more information, please follow this link to the ZSI-website.