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Brochure of the Congress “Innovation for Society” is now available

Work, health and caregiving, spatial development, energy and climate change: These topics show in a good way the versatility of the congress “Innovation for Society – New Ways and Methods for the Development of the Potential of Social Innovations”, which took place in September 2016 In the “Umweltforum” in Berlin. Now a free brochure with a lot of insights in this successful and productive congress is available.


Social Innovations are getting more and more attention, because more and more people recognize that technical innovations are not enough to master the big challenges of society. Because of this development a few questions about Social Innovations emerge: What are the characteristics of Social Innovations? In which sphere of activities and in which subject areas can we see examples of Social innovation? Which ways and methods for the development of the potential of Social Innovations can we see and what is the function of civil society and science in this process? During the congress “Innovation for Society – New Ways and Methods for the Development of the Potential of Social Innovations” on September 20/21 2016 in Berlin more than 200 entrants as well as experts out of the fields science, practice, politics and civil society came together for an intensive exchange of experiences where these questions were discussed. The most important results of the presentations, thematic session, worldcafés, contributions and discussions were put together in the brochure.

Everyone interested in Social Innovations can download the brochure (PDF | only available in german language) for free here.

The whole brochure is also available as a free printed version. If you want to order to order the printed brochure please write a mail with the request and your address to ziese@sfs-dortmund.de.