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KoSI-Lab: First Case Study at the “Midpoint Center for Social Innovation” in Tilburg

The project "KoSI-Lab" conducts several international case studies. The goal is to gather experience from existing social innovation labs and to incorporate them into the concept development of the KoSI-Lab project. On 13th and 14th of March 2017 the first case study took place in Tilburg, Netherlands. Several project members, including the four sfs-project co-workers Jürgen Schultze (project coordinator), Eva Wascher, Katharina Schrot and Florian Hebel, took part.


The first day was dedicated to the visit of the "Midpoint Center for Social Innovation" (MCSI) in the center of Tilburg. After a warm welcome from MCSI-managing director, Bianca Kemper, and Marieke Schoots, policy adviser at Tilburg University, the existing and future rooms were shown to us. Particularly interesting was the open structure of the work processes, which represent a model for future KoSI labs. Subsequently, MCSI presented several exciting projects, which were developed within the Lab processes. During the presentations, it became increasingly clear that successful labs should have strong networks and a well-structured project coordination. Last but not least, attention has also to be paid to possible problems and challenges, e.g. financing and location.

On the second day, sfs- researcher, Eva Wascher, conducted additional interviews with Bianca Kemper and Marieke Schoots.In summary, it can be said that the experiences from Tilburg proved to be very helpful for the development of the KoSI-Labs in Dortmund and Wuppertal. We will now examine which approaches can be transferred to KoSI-Lab.

More details abot KoSI-Lab and upcoming events could be found here.