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Social Innovation in Education and Lifelong Learning: International Policy and Foresight Workshop of SI-DRIVE

Within the EU funded international project SI-DRIVE a second workshop with international experts took place in March 2017 in the Social Research Centre to identify possibilities for future developments of social innovations and policy approaches to support them in the field of education and lifelong learning. The discussion was based on 211 mapped initiatives and 18 in-depth case studies of social innovation all over the world.


The discussion was grounded on of the main aims and ambitions of social innovations in the field of education and lifelong learning, the detected central drivers and barriers and the mechanisms of social change. Based on this, practical ideas for policy actors were defined to initiate and support the realisation of successful social innovations. Therefore, beside the development of a sound theoretical based concept of “Social Innovation” the project SI-DRIVE searches for policy relevant strategies to overcome social demands and societal challenges, here in the policy field of education and lifelong learning.

The results will be summarized by the project coordinator Antonius Schröder within a second EU-Policy-Brief. The first Policy Brief on Education and Lifelong Learning 2015 is already available as a download here.