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I-Linc Project Meeting on 17th and 18th January in Brussels

Dr. Bastian Pelka and Jens Maylandt represented the sfs during the fourth interim meeting of the Horizon 2020 project I-Linc. The meeting marks the start into the last project year.


Dr. Pelka executed a so called quality gate that is the main tool of the quality management of the project. During a quality gate workshop the main written products of the project are proved by a structured quality test. The expectations of the project team concerning the deliverable were written down and the team judged about the achievement of the goals. The result is a list of improvements concerning the deliverable.

Jens Maylandt was presenting the state of the art of the I-Linc stakeholder repository and necessary improvement requirements. The stakeholder repository gives actors operating in the fields of digital skills, youth employment and entrepreneurship the chance to enter data about their organization (e.g. a short summary) in a database. The database should help to raise networking between those actors. Details about the goals and the structure of the transnational project I-Linc, which focusses on youth employment in Europe, the support of entrepreneurship and digital skills in education could be found here