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sfs researchers present the project I-LINC at Online Educa Berlin

A great milestone for I-LINC: The national conference in Germany was hosted on 1st December within the Online Educa Berlin and brought valuable feedback from stakeholders in the field of ICT based learning.


I-LINC is striving to connect existing expert communities in the fields of ICT based learning, youth entrepreneurship and inclusion on regional, national and European level. Therefore, I-LINC partners are facilitating workshops in different countries in order to give experts the possibility to get actively involved in designing I-LINC’s services. On 1st December, TU Dortmund researchers Dr. Bastian Pelka and Jens Maylandt facilitated a workshop within the conference “Online Educa Berlin” to discuss the I-LINC platform with experts in the field of ICT based learning. 25 experts were actively discussing I-LINC’s services and suggesting further communities to engage into I-LINC.

“The primary outcome is feedback on the services I-LINC is offering”, says Bastian Pelka. He started the conference with a short introduction into the existing landscape of platforms in I-LINC’s thematic realm, based on I-LINC’s initial research. The participating experts – primarily from industry, educational institutions and policy bodies – suggested to link I-LINC to other social network sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, to offer tools – such as online surveys – and to put an emphasis on discussions within the different communities that I-LINC is bringing together. Bastian Pelka and Jens Maylandt will analyse the feedback that was collected in this workshop in order to continuously improve the I-LINC platform.

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