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German-Russian delegation at sfs Dortmund

On November 15, 2016, Social Research Centre sfs received a group of young professionals from both countries as part of the 46th Young Leader Seminar of the German-Russian Forum.


The seminar "Our world in motion. Demographic change, refugees and integration" took place in Essen and Dortmund. On the second day, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt welcomed the Russian guests at sfs Dortmund. In his lecture titled “The meaning of social innovations for meeting societal challenges” he spoke about the changing understanding of innovation and presented key empirical results from the research project SI-DRIVE - Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change. Prof. Howaldt’s presentation was followed by a discussion about the importance of social innovation for today’s societies, moderated by Dmitri Domanski.

The German-Russian Forum was founded 1993 in Bonn. The network includes numerous members from different social sectors and offers a platform for dialogue and co-operation. Within this framework, a Young Leader Seminar is held twice a year in Germany and Russia. The aim of the programme is to create an intensive exchange on the topic of German-Russian relations, within the seminar and afterwards through an alumni network.