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Presentation of I-LINC-Surveys at the EAPRIL Conference 2016 in Porto

Jens Maylandt presented research results from the I-Linc project to the participants of the EAPRIL conference in Porto (November/22-25/ 2016). Presented and discussed were the results of a desk research on an online survey, covering the actors in the fields of “digital skills”, “youth employment” and “entrepreneurship”.


The approaches of the Social Innovation Pentagon and the Quadruple Helix as an innovation system were used as theoretical framework for analyzing the data. The Social Innovation Pentagon shows the key dimensions of social innovation (actors and networks, concepts and understandings, addressed societal needs and challenges, resources and constraints as well as process dynamics) and the corresponding actions. The Quadruple Helix as an innovation system promotes the cooperation of the social subsystems academia, Industry, state and civil society. All sub systems are represented by the discovered actors. But most of the detected cooperation covers only two of the subsystems. Thus I-LIINC provides the internet platform www.i-linc.eu that gives stakeholders the chance to exchange with each other and to find partners to start cooperation that might become social innovations.