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Dr. Bastian Pelka presents at Telecentre Europe Annual Conference in Ghent

SFS researcher Dr. Bastian Pelka was invited by the “Telecentre Europe Annual Conference” to present findings on platforms and communities in the field of digital inclusion, youth entrepreneurship and digital skills. His presentation is an outcome of the platform development project I-LINC.


The “Telecentre Europe Annual Conference” is the main meeting point of leaders of digital inclusion organizations in Europe. Various spaces of learning in the field of media- pedagogy –like NGO’s, libraries and even commercial internet cafes– are members of the umbrella organization “Telecentre Europe”. These members met at the annual conference, where Dr. Bastian Pelka was invited as a guest speaker. The sfs-scientist presented results from a study about networking activities of these places of learning and about the online reach of different internet-communities. More details about the event in Ghent (6th to 8th October) could be found here.