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160 Participants Join Public Launch Event of Social Innovation Community (SIC)

SIC is a Horizon 2020 project run by a consortium of 12 leading organizations in social innovation across Europe, including TU Dortmund University. It was officially launched on September 26/27 in Brussels and has attracted 160 participants from policy, research, civil society, and business.


SIC2_smallSIC aims to engage, strengthen and connect existing social innovation networks including public sector innovators, digital social innovators, social economy actors and more. Christoph Kaletka, Dmitri Domanski and Christopher Graetz (TU Dortmund) facilitated a world café on the future of social innovation in 2026. The whole group had the opportunity to learn more about the activities of the SIC project and how to get involved. A framework for a common understanding of social innovation was presented, including past trends, the latest evidence and emerging methodologies in order to identify future priority areas. In a series of site visits organized by SIC everybody was invited to social innovation initiatives in Brussels.
More information on the SIC project can be found here: http://www.siceurope.eu/

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