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Working on urban problems at Social Innovation Summer School

40 participants worked on solutions to societal challenges at the Summer School on “Urban Social Innovation” in Tilburg on September 20-23. It was organized by the Social Innovation Community project (SIC) and co-hosted by TU Dortmund University / Sozialforschungsstelle.


SISummerSchoolTilburgRunning in parallel to the “European Social Innovation Week 2016” in Tilburg with more than 1.000 participants, the Summer School group experienced a vibrant week around social innovation with four days of top-class lectures on the topics of ‘municipalities and cultural change’, ‘the role of intermediaries on urban social innovation’ and ‘development of urban social innovation ecosystems’.

 Christoph Kaletka and Dmitri Domanski (TU Dortmund University) presented theoretical and empirical insights into social innovation ecosystems, complemented by concrete examples of such ecosystems in Zagreb and in Dortmund. The participants (students, practitioners, researchers etc.) not only listened and learned, but they worked on real-life challenges the city of Tilburg is currently facing in youth unemployment, energy consumption, and startup support, and thereby had the opportunity to apply what they had learned. On the final day of the Summer School, the developed solutions were presented to Tilburg officials and citizens.

Two more summer schools with different thematic foci will be hosted by the SIC consortium in the next two years.