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The “Social Innovation Community” website is online now!

Since September the website of the EU project Social Innovation Community (SIC) is online. This new web portal functions as a network of existing projects in the field of Social Innovation and creates attention for various projects and research activities.


A range of social innovation organisations and networks have emerged in Europe in recent years to tackle the social challenges we are facing today. Yet too often these activities are not well coordinated or visible enough to achieve critical mass.
The project SIC will strengthen and connect these social innovation communities – including public sector innovation, digital social innovation, intermediaries, social economy actors and more subject areas. With this website launch we see a network and overview of excisting projects in the field of Social Innovation.

The aim of the project is to help to deepen the knowledge and capacity of the networks to act and grow. Furthermore, SIC will support public decision-makers and other stakeholders to work with social innovators more effectively in meeting societal challenges. SIC is a Horizon 2020 programme funded project, run by a consortium of twelve leading organisations across Europe. The project will continue for three years, after its start at February 2016 it will end in February 2019.

The public Launch Event of Social Innovation Community will take place in Brussels on September 26-27.