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Social innovation initiatives for a more inclusive society

The empirical results of a global mapping of 1.005 social innovation initiatives have been one key topic of the „Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP)“ session, organized by the homonymous research cluster of TU Dortmund University at the Human-Computer-Interaction Conference (HCI 2016) in Toronto.

Ingo Bosse (Faculty for Rehabilitation Sciences) and Christoph Kaletka (Sozialforschungsstelle) as members oft he TIP-Cluster hosted the session at the HCI International 2016 Conference in Toronto on July 21st. They discussed the role of new technologies for inclusion and participation – but also the contribution social innovations can make for a more inclusive society.

Christoph Kaletka presented the latest empirical results oft the SI-DRIVE project and stated: More than 17% of the sample of social innovation initiatives work on solutions for a better participation of people with activity limitations in society. And in most cases, these people with activity limitations are not a passive target group, but active contributors and drivers of the initiatives. Here, and in all other panel presentations from all over the world, all session participants lively discussed results and research needs in the interconnected fields of inclusion, technologies, social innovation and media usage.