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Chilean delegation of university rectors at TU Dortmund University

Prof. Dr. J├╝rgen Howaldt and Dmitri Domanski held a lecture on social innovation.


On May 18, a delegation of Chilean university rectors visited TU Dortmund University. The delegation consisted of the highest representatives of universities that belong to the council of rectors CRUCH. The guests from Chile showed great interest in the topic of social innovation, regarding current research trends as well as in view of the worldwide increasing importance of social responsibility of universities.


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt, director of the Social Research Centre Dortmund (sfs), and Dmitri Domanski, researcher at sfs, presented the Centre's work in the field of social innovation. In particular, the focus of the presentation and of the subsequent discussion was placed on the concept of social innovation developed at sfs Dortmund, its main research projects and its numerous activities in Latin America.

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