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TU Dortmund University – sfs at social innovations events in Chile

Representatives of different societal sectors showed great interest in the first empirical results of the international research project SI-DRIVE.


On April 7, a workshop on social innovation took place in Talca, the capital of the Chilean Maule Region. It was organized by the University of Talca in order to give regional governmental institutions a possibility to learn more about this topic. Dmitri Domanski, researcher at TU Dortmund University – sfs, spoke a on a systemic concept of social innovation and presented the results of the global mapping of social innovation initiatives, recently conducted within the research project SI-DRIVE (coordinated by TU Dortmund University – sfs). Further contributions were made by experts from the Inter-American Development Bank and Chile’s National Innovation Council, among others. The visit to Talca was concluded by a presentation for students and lecturers of the Masters Programme “Management of Technologies” at the University of Talca.


Some days later, on April 12, Dmitri Domanski was invited to the Chilean Ministry of Economy in the national capital Santiago to speak to representatives of Chilean governmental institutions and universities. Again, there was much interest in the results of SI-DRIVE’s global mapping, especially regarding integration of social innovation in innovation policy. Moreover, participants discussed the publication “Social Innovation in Latin America: The Chilean Case”, recently co-authored by Dmitri Domanski and Jürgen Howaldt.


The day after, Dmitri Domanski made a presentation at the international conference PRISMA, which was organized by Socialab. Socialab is an internationally operating NGO founded in 2012, which supports social innovators seeking to develop solutions to fight poverty. The conference was also joined by experts from South Africa, Bangladesh and Bulgaria.