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Social Entrepreneurship under the Perspective of Socio-scientific Innovation Research

Article “Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship: The Concept of Social Entrepreneurship under the Perspective of Socio-scientific Innovation Research” by Howaldt, Domanski and Schwarz published in the current issue of the “Journal of Creativity and Business Innovation” and available online.

socialentrepreneurship_logo Arguing that state of research on social entrepreneurship remains unsatisfactory, in this paper Jürgen Howaldt, Dmitri Domanski und Michael Schwarz from TU Dortmund University – sfs, present their central thesis that the concept of social entrepreneurship can be described as a a social innovation.

The article gives an overview of the current situation and the perspectives of socio-scientific innovation research. It shows how, in light of the new innovation paradigm, social innovation increasingly plays a more important role in society. The paper then addresses some difficulties when dealing with social entrepreneurship as scientific concept and looks critically at the state of the debate. Subsequently, it analyses social entrepreneurship against the background of findings of innovation research and finally argues that the type of social entrepreneur itself constitutes a social innovation.

journalcreativitybusinessinnovationThe “Journal of Creativity and Business Innovation” is an international, peer-reviewed journal, focused on business creativity and innovation research. The journal encourages new approaches to the study of creativity and innovation management, discussion of emerging creativity and innovation issues and introduction of new creativity-inspired concepts, ideas and research-driven solutions.

The article can be downloaded under http://www.journalcbi.com/social-entrepreneurship.html.