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The projects SIMPACT, SI-Drive and I-LINC at Social Innovation 2015 Conference – Pathways to social change, Vienna (Austria)

The workshop session “Empowerment for vulnerable people through ‘digital social innovation’”, moderated by Bastian Pelka and Christoph Kaletka (both sfs TU Dortmund University) dealt with a triple intersection: It asked for social innovations empowering vulnerable people and focused on those social innovations which are either “supported” or “enabled” (Millard/Carpenter 2014) by digital technology (“digital social innovations” DSI, Bria 2014).


The notion of “Social Innovation” is based on the understanding of Howaldt/Schwarz (2010) as “new social practices”, trying to solve problems in a better way than existing practices. The notion of “vulnerable people” refers to those hindered from meaningful participation in various social fields, like employment, education or health by the social and technological environment. The session focused on the question of the ability of social innovation to support or enable vulnerable people by digital means and which aspects of vulnerability could be addressed by digital social innovation in particular.


Workshop discussants included:

  • Lucia DAL NEGRO, De-LAB, Italy

  • Ingo BOSSE and Christian BÜHLER, TU Dortmund University, Dortmund

  • Gianluca MISURACA, EC, Joint Research Centre. Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS), Seville

  • Gabriel RISSOLA, I-LINC project, Telecentre Europe, Brussels