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Conference on social innovation in Santiago de Chile

On 2nd October 2015 the University of Talca, Chile and the Chilean think tank CIEPLAN (Corporación de Estudios para Latinoamérica) invited to an international conference on social innovation in Chile – according to the motto “from practice to public policy” (original title: “La innovación para Chile. De la praxis a las políticas públicas”). Questions about processes that foster social innovation, the roles of government, civil society, academia and businesses took centre stage during the seminar. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt held keynote, Dmitri Domanski led panel on the role of businesses in social innovation.





The meeting was introduced by the president of the University of Talca and former minister of agriculture of Chile, Alvaro Rojas and the president of CIEPLAN and former minister of finance and foreign affairs, Alejandro Foxley. Another prominent speaker was the president of the National Innovation Committee, Gonzalo Rivas, who talked on the activities of his institution in the field of social innovation.






foto_tagung-SI-santiago-de-chile-howaldt In his keynote Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt, director of the Social Research Centre of TU Dortmund University (sfs), pointed out the importance of a systematic governmental fostering of social innovations. He also used examples from the international context in order to illustrate how manifold social innovations are and which challenges must be tackled if social innovations are supposed to diffuse and lead to social change. In this context, Prof. Howaldt referred to the first results of the currently biggest international research project on social innovation “SI-DRIVE – Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change” (7th Framework Programme of the EU) that is coordinated by TU Dortmund University – sfs.


Several panels were explicitly dedicated to the role of the different societal sectors. The panel on the role of businesses in social innovation, led by Dmitri Domanski (researcher at TU Dortmund University – sfs), concentrated mainly on how the shared value concept is implemented in Chile.




foto_tagung-SI-santiago-de-chile-gruppe Besides the contributions by renowned Chilean speakers that represented i.a. the Chilean Government and some of the country’s leading universities, the debate focused on the experience from other Latin American countries, especially Argentina and Uruguay. Approximately 65 persons participated in the conference.



To learn more about social innovation in Chile and Latin America see the current publication “Social Innovation in Latin America: The Chilean Case”. The study by Dmitri Domanski, Jürgen Howaldt, Pablo Villalobos and Carlos Huenchuleo was recently published by CIEPLAN.