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EUWIN conference on 9 of September 2015 in Leuven's Brabanthal

To stay ahead of the competitors it is not enough to invest in the newest technologies. Companies which want to win the global race also need to find the right connection to non-technological aspects of running a business. How? Leading workplace innovators will present their cases during the EUWIN conference in Leuven on 9th of September (Wednesday). You will hear stories of Bombardier (Belgium), Normet (Finland), Bosch Thermotechnik (Portugal) and Saint-Gobain (UK).

euwin_logo_small Leuven event will also give you a chance to gain practical tools which you will be able to implement in your daily business practice. You can participate in one of the 8 workshops prepared by Flanders Synergy, the University of Leuven and their partners. And if you would like to see how  workplace innovation looks in practice you can visit IMEC and Materialise NV: Belgian world leaders in nano-chips production and in 3D-printing.

To participate in the event free of charge, please subscribe following the link on Festival of Connecting. You can download the program on the EUWIN-resources pages.

More infos about EUWIN: European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN)