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New publication on social innovation in Latin America

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt and Dmitri Domanski release together with Chilean colleagues the study “Social Innovation in Latin America: The Chilean Case”. The publication gives an insight into some trend-setting developments in the field of social innovation in Chile and Latin America.

si_lateinamerica_cover This study by Dmitri Domanski, Jürgen Howaldt, Pablo Villalobos and Carlos Huenchuleo explains what kind of role social innovations play in Chile. Considered as one of the most developed countries in Latin America, at the same time, Chile is known for great social and economic inequalities as well as massive environmental problems. In recent years this also has led to increasing social conflicts. Against this background, the study shows how social innovations can contribute to meet these challenges. Some promising trends are illustrated by three case studies from the sectors of Government, academia and civil society.

The study “Social Innovation in Latin America: The Chilean Case” is published by CIEPLAN and can be downloaded at http://www.cieplan.cl/media/publicaciones/archivos/373/Social_Innova_tion_in_Latin_America_The_Chilean_Case.pdf . CIEPLAN, founded in Chile in 1976, is a renowned centre for social and economic analyses of Latin American countries (http://www.cieplan.org).