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Position paper on “digital skills for an inclusive Europe”

Sfs researchers Bastian Pelka and Christoph Kaletka contribute to a policy paper aiming at better learning opportunities for digitally excluded persons.

digitalskills How can Europe tackle the problem of “eInclusion” – the “digital divide” between people using digital means and those who do not participate? Telecentre Europe, the European Association representing the publicly funded telecentres/telecentre

networks, ICT learning centres, adult education centres and libraries across Europe where children and adults can access the Internet, learn the latest digital skills and keep up to date with technology and community developments, issued their “Position paper on providing digital skills for an inclusive Europe”. Sfs reasearchers Dr. Bastian Pelka and Dr. Christoph Kaletka co-authored this paper, sustaining it with research results from 5 EU funded research and development project. The position paper defines 10 policy recommendations, including the approach to promote telecentres to function as social innovation catalysts – as regional digital social innovation incubators.

Find their positions here: http://www.telecentre-europe.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/TETUDO_eFacilitators_FINAL_PDF.pdf