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Project „Learn2teach by social web“ on CeBit

Social media in classroom teaching – inspiring examples presented on the world’s largest ICT fair

The project L2T, funded by the EU lifelong learning programme (Comenius), and coordinated by Sozialforschungsstelle at Technical University of Dortmund, has presented its findings on CeBit, the world’s largest ICT fair in Hannover, Germany. Students from vocational training colleges in six countries (DE, CZ, DK, IT, UK, ES) presented the project outcomes to more than 120 professionals from the world of ICT based learning.


The project approach is to understand social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Wikis) not as a new technology, but as a new way of communication and labour. In this intention, school should not mediate how to use for example Google+, but should facilitate competences to use social media in a responsible, safe and effective way.

Project coordinator Dr. Bastian Pelka: „Social media are a naturally element in students‘ life. But school is too often ignoring the added pedagogical value of this social innovation. Our project has produced inspiring examples of how to use social media in classroom teaching and at the same time prepare students for a working life that will be shaped by social media.”


There are several reasons to use social media in school classroom teaching. Some of them:

  • Social media are dramatically changing the way we communicate – public, shared, incremental and ubiquitous.
  • This influences the way that “knowledge workers” are laboring in the information society: The world of labour is changing and demanding new skills from the labour force.
  • Social media are challenging separations like teacher/student, leisure/labour or expert/beginner.
  • Social media can be understood as a learning space with new pedagogic potentials.

Within the project „Learn to teach by social web“ (L2T), teachers from vocational training colleges in six countries are developing inspirational lessons for teachers who want to use social media in the teaching.


The project „Learn to teach by social web” online: