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EBS launches free online course on social innovation

Starting on 4 November, the Institute for Transformation in Business and Society at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht is offering for the first time an online course open to anyone interested – whether students or other participants. Social Innovation MOOC (= Massive Open Online Course) is the name of the interactive programme that combines lectures with discussions and exercises.

ebs_logo Social innovations are new social processes that aim to contribute to the development of better, more just and sustainable ways of living, working and doing business together. But what exactly are social innovations? What can they accomplish? And how can they be developed and implemented? The online course Social Innovation MOOC offered by EBS Universität provides answers to these and other questions. Over the course of six weeks participants will gain a theoretical understanding of social innovations, develop their skills in this area and learn how to develop, implement and scale social innovations. At the same time they will be encouraged by teaching staff to develop social innovations themselves. The course that is introductory and requires no prior subject knowledge is free of charge and is offered in English and German. Participants just need to register for the online course at www.iversity.org. For those interested there is the opportunity, for a small fee, to take an examination at the end of the course and gain a formal certificate.

The MOOC was developed as part of the research project "Social Innovation in Germany" funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and carried out by the World Vision Center for Social Innovation at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht. Lecturers on the online course are Dr Susan Müller, Nicholas Wenzel and Christine Rimke.

Further details on the interactive programme are available on http://www.ebs.edu/mooc-social-innovation and at http://www.facebook.de/SocialInnovationMooc



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