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GERMAN "HIGH-TECH STRATEGY“" puts social innovation on the agenda. Social Innovation on governmental level

In its “High-Tech Strategy” publication the German Federal Government is defining its overall innovation concept and its research and innovation approach for the upcoming years. The strategy used to outline the market potentials of different technologies in order to improve Germany’s competitiveness in global markets.

The 2014 edition makes a difference by formulating “a comprehensive term of innovation which covers not only technological but also social innovations”, including society as main actor. „Especially, we need technological and social innovations leading to new services for new markets and which are characterized by societal benefit. Services require distinct patterns of innovation“, elaborates the strategy paper, concluding that „social innovations can contribute to overcoming the challenges of societal and regional change“.


The “High-Tech Strategy” publication can be accessed here: http://www.hightech-strategie.de/de/The-new-High-Tech-Strategy-390.php