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Sozialforschungsstelle at two workshops on social innovation at the University of Antioquia in Medellín, Colombia

Dmitri Domanski, researcher at sfs Dortmund, taught about methods for developing social innovations.

dmtri_teaser_workshop The workshops were held from August 11th to 15th together with Nicolás Monge, executive director of the “Fundación para la Innovación Social“ (Chile), and focused on different concepts of social innovation and socially innovative approaches. The participants were asked to jointly develop innovative approaches in order to address urgent social problems through social innovations. Therefore, proved methods and techniques were considered in order to systematically boost the success of such innovative strategies. The first workshop took place at the National Faculty of Public Health and the second at the Entrepreneurship Park of the University. Approximately 30 participants, including academic staff, researchers, students, employees from foundations and community leaders, attended each one of the workshops.