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Project conference at Microsoft office Riga

Which competences are needed to support disadvantaged persons on their way to the “digital society”? A conference of the project “trans eFacilitator”, held on 3rd and 4th June at Microsoft office in Riga, Latvia, tried to give an answer to this question by designing a vocational training curriculum for social workers. Christoph Kaletka and Bastian Pelka adressed success factors in their key notes.

TRANS_e_facilitator The project Trans e-facilitator offers a curriculum for facilitators of digital competences (“e-facilitators”), based on a set of learning modules which are adapted to specific national needs. These needs have been identified in national surveys analysing e-facilitators’ tasks and competence gaps. Within the project trainers will be trained in the locally important modules and will then pass on their knowledge to other e-facilitators. The project aims at a nationally standardized and recognized training for e-facilitators. In each of the countries Portugal, Latvia and Germany five specific training modules for future e-facilitators in supervised online trainings will be provided by the project. These modules were chosen regarding to the specific national learning needs and adapted into an e-learning platform. The online training is free of charge and will take place between February and August 2014. Experienced trainers will guide the trainees in their learning process.


Christoph und Bastian Riga 140604



http://trans-efacilitator.eu (Offizielle Website)

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