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New curriculum for telecentres’ staff presented at TEAC 2014

Telecentres help people in danger of social and digital exclusion connect to the digital world and their local communities. They support employability, provide non-formal learning opportunities using digital media and a place to spend leisure time. At TEAC 2014, the annual conference of the Telecentre Europe network on September 24-26 in Zagreb, a consortium led by TU Dortmund / Sozialforschungsstelle presented a new curriculum matching the broad competence needs of e-facilitators working in telecentres.

teac2014 Christoph Kaletka, coordinator of the project within the EU’s lifelong learning programme in which the curriculum was developed and piloted, invited the 150 TEAC participants to use and promote it in their home countries. Research and policy activities on telecentres were then discussed by a panel group. Together with Christoph Kaletka, panelists were Gabriel Rissola, Managing Director of Telecentre Europe, Meral Akin-Hecke, Austrian Digital Champion appointed by EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, Pedro Aguilera from Telecentre Barcelona, Ilona Kish, Reading and Writing Foundation. 


Telecentre Europe (www.telecentre-europe.org) represents network partners from 28 countries.

More information on the e-facilitator curriculum, available in German, Portuguese, Latvian and English, can be found on www.trans-efacilitator.eu