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Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund is a centre of applied social research with a thematic focus on labour and (social) innovation.


TU Dortmund University – sfs at social innovations events in Chile


09.05.2016 – Representatives of different societal sectors showed great interest in the first empirical results of the international research project SI-DRIVE.


Global Mapping of Social Innovations


12.04.2016 – In 2015, SI-Drive undertook a large-scale global desk research and mapping of social innovation. The work, which is on-going, is focused around the seven policy fields of education and lifelong learning, employment, environment and climate change, transport and mobility, health and social care, poverty reduction and sustainable development. The global mapping of social innovation with 1.005 cases as result was completed in autumn 2015. This will be followed up in 2016 with at least seventy case studies selected from the sample that take the work to greater depth through interviews, field work and observation.


SI-Drive policy briefs published


12.04.2016 – By the end of 2015, SI-Drive published seven policy briefs. The policy briefs are based on the seven Policy Field Reports as well as the seven Policy and Foresight Workshops, which were implemented in the course of 2015. They appraise the state of social innovation in the seven policy fields and look at current and future challenges and opportunities.


Codemob: Partners Meeting in Amsterdam


10.03.2016 – The project CODEMOB „Teaching coding and mobile devices in telecentres“ aims on strengthening digital competences of young, unemployed people through non-formal education and training. Jennifer Eckhardt and Mona Markmann represented the sfs during the first face-to-face meeting the of project partners from five European countries.


3rd I-LINC Meeting in Brussels


10.03.2016 – sfs researchers present workpackage results


SIMPACT: Report about "contexts" of social innovation published


26.02.2016 – In the course of the SIMPACT project the report "D4.2 Criteria & Recommendations to Strengthen SI" has now been published. SFS authors Dr Bastian Pelka and Mona Markmann are therein introducing a model describing the framework conditions for social innovations. The report results in a questionnaire enabling social innovators to explore the framework conditions of "their" innovation in order to determine hindering and stimulating factors.


SIMPACT project discusses toolbox for social innovations


23.02.2016 – SFS-researchers Dr. Bastian Pelka and Mona Markmann contributed to a project meeting working on a toolbox to support and sustain social innovations.


New publication on the impacts of social innovation


11.02.2016 – The anthology "La transformation sociale par l'innovation sociale" (en: "Social transformation through social innovation") edited by Juan-Luis Klein, director of the Center for Research on Social Innovations (CRISES) and his colleagues, is now available.


New project "MAKE-IT" aims at understanding maker communities


20.01.2016 – With a kick off meeting in Den Haag the newly established consortium of the H2020 project "Make-IT" set its working pace for analysing maker communities in the EU. Sfs researcher Dr. Bastian Pelka introduced an approach to evaluate the societal impact of the maker movement.


"ESIR" – New Journal on Social Innovation Launching


05.01.2016 – Looking for articles and reflections on social innovation? Or a journal to publish your own paper? The European Social Innovation Review (ESIR) is an interdisciplinary European Journal on social innovation knowledge and practices, launched 2016.