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Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund is a centre of applied social research with a thematic focus on labour and (social) innovation.


Dmitri Domanski awarded the Josef Hochgerner Fellowship 2017


21.06.2017 – Dmitri Domanski, researcher from TU Dortmund University, convinced the jury with his research proposal on "Developing the Social Innovation Ecosystem of the Vienna Region". Through the annually awarded fellowship, the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna (ZSI) seeks to facilitate the discourse on social innovation.


SI-DRIVE goes local


20.06.2017 – SI-DRIVE’s Global Mapping results were presented at the BDS’s national conference 2017, addressing practitioners, politicians and academics.


MAKE-IT presents Sustainability Scenarios for the Maker Movement on the “XIX. Convention for Applied Social Sciences: Shaping Social Innovations Locally”


14.06.2017 – The MAKE-IT team Bastian Pelka, Marthe Zirngiebl and Janosch Sbeih from the Social Research Centre Dortmund discussed with fellow social scientists how possible future scenarios of the Maker Movement can be shaped by public institutions, private enterprises and civil society.


I-LINC presentation at the BDS conference in Dortmund


14.06.2017 – As part of a conference of the German professional association of sociologists (“Berufsverband Deutscher Soziologinnen und Soziologen e.v.”) Dr. Bastian Pelka, Mathias Cuypers and Jens Maylandt presented on 10th June 2017 the project I-LINC. The question how a meta platform like I-LINC can foster social innovation on a local level, was focused.


Brochure of the Congress “Innovation for Society” is now available


01.06.2017 – Work, health and caregiving, spatial development, energy and climate change: These topics show in a good way the versatility of the congress “Innovation for Society – New Ways and Methods for the Development of the Potential of Social Innovations”, which took place in September 2016 In the “Umweltforum” in Berlin. Now a free brochure with a lot of insights in this successful and productive congress is available.


SIC Hot Topic Workshop: Addressing Grand Challenges through Innovation Research


01.06.2017 – The main objective of the workshop was to contribute to the development of the social innovation community through a better connection to other innovation research communities and thereby to advance towards an integrated view on innovation research and practice. The international workshop took place at the Social Research Centre (sfs) of TU Dortmund University and offered a new space for discussion among classical and more recent research perspectives, also regarding a comprehensive innovation policy.


SELFMADE presents potential of 3D printing for people with disabilities


18.05.2017 – 3D printers are using liquefied plastic to fabricate individual products – from few centimetres high vases to complete cars. This new technology offers tremendous application possibilities which are explored by researchers of TU Dortmund University, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences and Dr Bastian Pelka, social research centre, in hindsight of the use by people with disabilities.


TU Dortmund University – sfs in Chile: Social Innovation and the role of universities


24.04.2017 – Social innovation, its systematic research and other possibilities for higher education institutions to work on innovative solutions – these were the main topics during Dmitri Domanski’s visit to Chile. The researcher from Dortmund gave lectures and spoke with leading representatives of the Catholic University of Concepción about the importance of social innovation for higher education institutions.


MAKE-IT tests app for maker faires and develops future scenarios for the Maker Movement at the Maker Faire Ruhr


05.04.2017 – An international research team of the MAKE-IT project tests web-app on the Maker Faire Ruhr to enable lasting connections between visitors and exhibitors. Maker Faire visitors and sfs-scientists Dr. Bastian Pelka, Janosch Sbeih und Marthe Zirngiebl co-developed future scenarios for the Maker Movement in an interactive workshop.


New publications on social innovation by researchers from TU Dortmund University – sfs


29.03.2017 – The interdependency between the Capabilities Approach and Social Innovation Theory, the research of Social Innovation in Latin America and the highly topical results of SI-DRIVE’s global mapping: Three articles, published in two scientific journals, deal with current developments in the field of Social Innovation.