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Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund is a centre of applied social research with a thematic focus on labour and (social) innovation.


Social Innovation: Asian research team at sfs


17.02.2017 – Each country has its unique ecosystem in which social innovations emerge and develop. Asian national ecosystems for social innovation are Ken Ito’s research focus. He is a professor at Keio University. Together with his research team, he has paid Dortmund a visit.


I-Linc Project Meeting on 17th and 18th January in Brussels


08.02.2017 – Dr. Bastian Pelka and Jens Maylandt represented the sfs during the fourth interim meeting of the Horizon 2020 project I-Linc. The meeting marks the start into the last project year.


sfs researcher presents MAKE-IT on the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress (33C3) in Hamburg

33C3 Logo

12.01.2017 – Janosch Sbeih from the Social Research Centre Dortmund facilitated a discussion about similarities, differences and interactions between the hacker scene and the maker movement at the international hacker congress 33C3 in Hamburg. Thereby the characteristics of the EU-research project MAKE-IT were shown to the audience.


Social Innovation on the Rise: Global mapping at a glance


03.01.2017 – 25 international project partners of the EU-funded large scale project SI-DRIVE “Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change” have mapped 1.005 social innovation initiatives belonging to seven policy fields on all five continents of the world. The results of the first world-wide comparative analysis give exciting insights into the highly diverse world of social innovation, the variety of actors and their interaction, and the complexity of the ongoing innovation processes.


MAKE-IT-Meeting in Vienna


21.12.2016 – The research of Maker communities across Europe and the new dynamic structures and chances of this young, constructive and dynamic movement were focussed at a workshop in Austria. Janosch Sbeih and Marthe Zirngiebl from the Social Research Centre Dortmund discussed thereby the Maker Movement’s societal impact potential and became Makers for two hours.


sfs researchers present the project I-LINC at Online Educa Berlin


06.12.2016 – A great milestone for I-LINC: The national conference in Germany was hosted on 1st December within the Online Educa Berlin and brought valuable feedback from stakeholders in the field of ICT based learning.


German-Russian delegation at sfs Dortmund


05.12.2016 – On November 15, 2016, Social Research Centre sfs received a group of young professionals from both countries as part of the 46th Young Leader Seminar of the German-Russian Forum.


Presentation of I-LINC-Surveys at the EAPRIL Conference 2016 in Porto


29.11.2016 – Jens Maylandt presented research results from the I-Linc project to the participants of the EAPRIL conference in Porto (November/22-25/ 2016). Presented and discussed were the results of a desk research on an online survey, covering the actors in the fields of “digital skills”, “youth employment” and “entrepreneurship”.


Social innovation as the driving force behind the development of cities


16.11.2016 – Dmitri Domanski spoke upon the invitation of the Social Innovation Acceleration in Cities (SIAC) network about social innovation ecosystems on local level. At the meeting in Innsbruck on 27-28 October 2016 the discussion was all about the importance of social innovation for cities.


TU Dortmund University – sfs participated in an edited volume on social innovation in Latin America


08.11.2016 – Dmitri Domanski is one of the editors of this volume, which was recently published in Colombia. Over 350 pages offer space for exploring social innovation in Latin America from a wide range of perspectives, with experts from academia, governmental institutions and civil society making an important contribution to a better understanding of this topic.