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Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund is a centre of applied social research with a thematic focus on labour and (social) innovation.


New publication: “The Plastics Revolution: How the Netherlands became a global player in plastics”


14.11.2017 – On November 8th, the book “The Plastics Revolution: How the Netherlands became a global player in plastics” was officially presented at the annual meeting of the DPI – The Polymer Research Platform, on the occasion of DPI’s 20th anniversary. The book is co-authored by Harry Lintsen (professor emeritus of Eindhoven University of Technology), Marijn Hollestelle (Foundation for the History of Technology) and Rick Hölsgens (TU Dortmund – Social Research Center).


A push for social inclusion! EU-projekt JobAct Europe has started


12.10.2017 – Under the shared goal of strengthening the labor market position of disadvantaged groups – partners from Italy, France, Hungary and Germany came together in the EU-project JobAct Europe. Scientifically supported by sfs, refugees, NEETs and unemployed youths are accompanied on their way into the labor market through a combination of drama work and job training. The Erasmus+-funded project started with a kick-off-workshop at the coordinator, the Projektfabrik Witten from October 8 – October 10 2017.


Global Science Week 2017 discusses social innovation in science and society


11.10.2017 – How can science contribute to solving increasingly complex societal challenges? The Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW 2017), with its thematic focus “Science for Social Innovation”, addressed this question by bringing together researchers across borders and disciplines in Tsukuba Science City, the largest science and technology hub in Japan. Dr. Christoph Kaletka (TU Dortmund University / sfs) held the opening keynote and addressed the largely untapped potential of social innovation research and policy.


TU Dortmund University – sfs at TRANSIT’s final conference "Learning for Change: A Journey through the Theory & Practice of Transformative Social Innovation"


27.09.2017 – Jürgen Howaldt and Dmitri Domanski spoke about social innovation research and policy at this international event, which was hosted by SI-DRIVE’s “sister” project TRANSIT in Rotterdam on September 14-15.


ARL International Summer School 2017: "Social Innovation in Urban and Regional Development"


13.09.2017 – The Leibniz Institute “ARL – Academy for Spatial Research and Planning” hosted a summer school on “Social Innovation in Urban and Regional Development“ in Vienna. International experts and PhD candidates discussed the emerging topic and current research results.


The future of work: New publication about “Workplace Innovation” released


19.07.2017 – The sfs-scientists Jürgen Howaldt, Ralf Kopp und Jürgen Schultze released their work „Why Industrie 4.0 needs Workplace Innovation – A critical Essay about the German Debate on Advanced Manufacturing” in the book “Workplace Innovation. Theory, Research and Practice”. This book is giving detailed insights into the research of Workplace Innovation and is characterized by a multinational view.


Social innovation initiatives for an inclusive society


18.07.2017 – SI-DRIVE’s empirical results were a central topic of the “Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP)” session at the “Human Computer Interaction Conference” in Vancouver on the 13th of July. The session was hosted by TU Dortmund University’s TIP-cluster.


Where the Maker Movement is heading towards


04.07.2017 – Bastian Pelka and Janosch Sbeih from the Social Research Centre Dortmund (TU Dortmund University – sfs) met in Barcelona with FabLab managers, Maker Faire organizers, social innovation researchers, business strategy experts, technology developers and other experts from the MAKE-IT consortium to refine their development of future scenarios for the Maker Movement.


TU Dortmund University co-chairs a session at international innovation research conference Eu-SPRI in Vienna


27.06.2017 – From 7 to 9 June, the Eu-SPRI Conference 2017 took place in Vienna. Researchers from many different world regions participated in this annual event, this time organised under the title “The Future of STI – The Future of STI Policy”.


”Research Landscape of Social Innovation” depicts topics, actors and networks in a young field of study


27.06.2017 – An increasing number of projects, conferences and research initiatives are addressing social innovation, establishing a new and highly dynamic research topic. Public sector innovation, intermediaries, corporate social innovation and others highlight different aspects of SI. This report draws the contours of the research landscape, refers to main actors, important publications and events, and shows the potential of social innovation as a transdisciplinary field of action.