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Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund is a centre of applied social research with a thematic focus on labour and (social) innovation.


Presentation of I-LINC-Surveys at the EAPRIL Conference 2016 in Porto


29.11.2016 – Jens Maylandt presented research results from the I-Linc project to the participants of the EAPRIL conference in Porto (November/22-25/ 2016). Presented and discussed were the results of a desk research on an online survey, covering the actors in the fields of “digital skills”, “youth employment” and “entrepreneurship”.


Social innovation as the driving force behind the development of cities


16.11.2016 – Dmitri Domanski spoke upon the invitation of the Social Innovation Acceleration in Cities (SIAC) network about social innovation ecosystems on local level. At the meeting in Innsbruck on 27-28 October 2016 the discussion was all about the importance of social innovation for cities.


TU Dortmund University – sfs participated in an edited volume on social innovation in Latin America


08.11.2016 – Dmitri Domanski is one of the editors of this volume, which was recently published in Colombia. Over 350 pages offer space for exploring social innovation in Latin America from a wide range of perspectives, with experts from academia, governmental institutions and civil society making an important contribution to a better understanding of this topic.


sfs at social innovation events in Colombia


08.11.2016 – The attended at several events and productive discussions in Latin America. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt presented research results at the SIX Global Summer School in Bogotá. Dmitri Domanski gave a workshop on concepts and methodologies in Pereira.


German-Brazilian Workshop: Social Innovation and its Research


19.10.2016 – Social innovation relates to complex problems and to astonishing and dynamic solutions in such areas as health, social care, education or environment. The research object of Social innovation was discussed at a workshop in Brazil. Prof. Jürgen Howaldt, Director of the TU Dortmund’s sfs (Social Research Centre) attended together with a group of brazilian reseachsers at the German-Brazilian Workshop on Social Innovation and its Research in Rio de Janeiro. Several presentations from this workshop could now be downloaded.


Discussion about Social Innovations and Industry 4.0 in Brazil


19.10.2016 – Following the invitation by the German House of Science and Innovation in São Paulo (DWIH-SP) Prof. Jürgen Howaldt participated at an Innovation Seminar about the challenges of the concept of “Industry 4.0” for Germany and Brazil in the country with the largest population and the largest territory of all South American states. Furthermore Prof. Jürgen Howaldt – together with colleagues from Brazil – attended a German-Brazilian Workshop on Social Innovation and its Research.


Dr. Bastian Pelka presents at Telecentre Europe Annual Conference in Ghent


11.10.2016 – SFS researcher Dr. Bastian Pelka was invited by the “Telecentre Europe Annual Conference” to present findings on platforms and communities in the field of digital inclusion, youth entrepreneurship and digital skills. His presentation is an outcome of the platform development project I-LINC.


Presentation of I-Linc at the 9th EDEN Researchworkshop by Jens Maylandt


11.10.2016 – The activities of the I-Linc project, executed by the social researche center (sfs) of TU Dortmund, Telecentre Europe, European Schoolnet and Telefonica, were presented to the audience of the 9th EDEN Researchworkshop by Jens Maylandt (sfs), member of the I-Linc team. In the spotlight of his presentation stood the platform www.I-Linc.eu, which addresses all stakeholders acting in the fields of digital skills, youth employment and entrepreneurship.


Video of "Get Online Week Dortmund 2016" published


11.10.2016 – A bigger amount of participation and inclusion: These are the goals of the European project "Get Online Week", where media skills were brought to a large group of people with highly different backgrounds. In a short video with english subtitles there are now impressions from this practical work of digital inclusion during the "Get Online Week" in Dortmund visible.


Registration for the conference "Public Engagement for Research, Practice and Policy" in Brussels


04.10.2016 – The registration for the High-level Policy Conference "Public Engagement for Research, Practice and Policy", taking place on 16th to the 17th of November in Brussels, is now open.