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Social Innovation in Latin America – A visit to Montevideo and Buenos Aires

On the 27rd of September Prof. Jürgen Howaldt and Dmitri Domanski from TU Dortmund University visited the University of Montevideo, Uruguay. In a workshop organized by Prof. Judith Sutz and her team, Prof. Jürgen Howaldt presented the new Atlas of Social Innovation and held a presentation reflecting on the role of universities and social sciences with regard to the topic of social innovation.


Judith Sutz is Professor at the University of the Republic of Uruguay and was the 2018 Chris Freeman Visiting Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex. In the workshop held at the Research Council of the University different approaches with regard to research for social inclusion have been discussed.

On the September 30th, Prof. Jürgen Howaldt visited the Metropolitan Centre for design in Buenos Aires. In his meeting with the organizing team of the center Professor Howaldt presented the new Atlas of Social Innovation and discussed different approaches to foster the role of social innovation for urban development and social inclusion.